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Ed Ruggero Bio

Has written 11 books on Leadership

Upon graduation from West Point in 1980, Ed Ruggero was commissioned in the United States Army and served as an infantry officer in a variety of positions around the world. In 1987, Ed joined the faculty at West Point, where he taught writing and literature.

Ed left the service in 1991 to pursue a career as a writer, public speaker, and trainer. His writings on leadership, his story-telling talents and the success of his first five novels led to his being chosen to co-author the US Army Field Manual Army Leadership, which is used throughout the service.

Ed's non-fiction work includes Duty First: West Point and the Making of American Leaders, a study of leader development at the United States Military Academy, and Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault Into Fortress Europe, July 1943, which became a one-hour docu-drama on The History Channel. His latest non-fiction book is The First Men In: US Paratroopers and the Fight to Save D-Day. Ed is also the co-author of The Leader's Compass, a fictional story of how one leader developed his leadership philosophy.

Ed has appeared on CNN, The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, CNBC and Fox and has spoken to audiences around the world on leadership, leader development and ethics. He has been featured by the State Department and his client list includes the FBI, the New York City Police Department, CEO Conference Europe, the CIA, Forbes, the SAS Institute, Hugo Boss USA, CitiFinancial, Bovis Lend Lease, and Time, among others. Ed also leads a Gettysburg and a Normandy Leadership Experience, where participants walk the ground of these great struggles to learn battle-tested leadership lessons that will help them meet their own challenges.