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Larry Holmes Bio

Former Heavyweight World Champion Boxer

Larry Holmes is the epitome of a champion whose humbleness overshadows his celebrity status. His struggles and determination lead him onto a path of being one of the greatest athletes in history - a 7" world championship reign that was just one victory shy of tying Rocky Marciano's 49-0 unbeaten streak. Larry's 11th round victory over Muhammad Ali, cemented his claim as world heavyweight champion.

Larry Holmes still holds the distinction today of being one of the longest reigning world heavyweight champions in the history of boxing, second only to Joe Louis. Larry defended his title 20 consecutive times as a champion; he was not afraid of any challenger and never turned down any contenders.

While Larry was busy proving himself in the ring, he also was building a well-respected reputation outside of the sport. His philanthropic heart was seen throughout the world by people who sought Larry's help. The Champ's celebrity status has never impacted his sincere love and respect for his fans. Larry's innate professional skills have also paved the way for him to enter the entrepreneurial arena. His savvy business sense is seen through his extensive real estate holdings, lucrative investment strategies, numerous enterprises and wide array of product endorsements.

    * Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania
    * World Heavyweight Champion from 1978 - 1985
    * Title: Currently Holds "Legends of Boxing"
    * Pro Record: 67 Wins 6 Losses 43 Knockouts

Against The Odds by Phil Berger & Larry Holmes (contributor)

Heavy-weight champion, Larry Holmes takes the reader through the battles in the ring and his struggles outside as a human being. An honest man in a dishonest 'sport'. He recounts his hardscrabble youth in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he dabbled in petty crime and eventually discovered he had a talent for boxing. He parlayed that talent into a role as Ali's top sparring partner in the early '70s. Holmes also discusses his relationship with promoter Don King and proffers opinions on the current crop of heavyweights, dismissing Evander Holyfield as a passable sparring partner. This is an interesting look inside the often-seamy fight game.