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NHSCA Character & Leadership Workshop(s)

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Program description:

What: The Character & Leadership Workshop is a school entry vehicle that is designed to build a strong personal relationship between the US ARMY Recruiter and the high school administrators, coaches and students. A National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) staff member will conduct each workshop that will consist of students and high school staff members from up to 3 high schools. Each workshop will have 120 high school student -athletes, coaches, and administrators representing up to 3 schools. The workshop is a 3-hour program that consists of a host school and up to 2 attending schools that are represented by over 100 students and 20 staff members. The NHSCA Workshop Presenter contacts the high school, schedules, and conducts the workshop. This workshop is designed to be a turn-key event for the US Army personnel in attendance.

The program requires all students to develop a community and school service project for their team. The presenter will instruct the participating students to “recruit” 4 class members each to help them with their community and school service obligations.   This could develop an additional 300+ leads per workshop that will visit the US ARMY website. There is potential to develop an incentive on the US ARMY website specific to the Character & Leadership Program. Each student will receive a certificate with the NHSCA and US ARMY logo after their obligations are met.

How: An NHSCA staff member (Workshop Manager), will coordinate with a host high school and up to 2 surrounding high schools. Once a workshop has been scheduled, the NHSCA will contact the local Recruiting NCOIC to confirm local Recruiter participation. The local US ARMY Recruiters will be seated with their assigned high school as a team member and mentor. The Recruiter will facilitate the assignment the Presenter is giving each Team.

When: The Character and Leadership Workshop is a 3-hour presentation that will take place during the school year during normal school hours.

Why: Currently the US Military is perceived to be the most admired institution in America. It is common knowledge that the US ARMY instills character and leadership in its Soldiers. The US ARMY values Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage fit into the design of the Character and Leadership workshops.

ROI: One of the largest challenges for most Recruiters is to develop a high level of rapport with the local high schools. The US ARMY Character and Leadership program begins with the workshop. The goal of the program is to position the Recruiter as a pseudo staff member of the High School. There is potential that the US ARMY will be considered the NHSCA Character and Leadership Coach by high schools across the state. This will begin a relationship that can lead to other opportunities.

Recruiter’s role at the Workshop is to facilitate discussion at their table that the Presenter assigns to the team. One Recruiter will address the group at the beginning of the workshop about the US ARMY/NHSCA partnership (NHSCA reached out to the US ARMY because they were experts at leadership). The Recruiter can exchange contact information with administrators, coaches, and athletes.


NHSCA Character & Leadership

Development Workshop

Content Outline

Workshop Registration Givers and Takers
Positive Influencers Integrity
Respect Honor
Duty Courage
Lead and Influence Public Promises and Roles
Outward Focus Break
Human Journey Experiences
Choices Your Responsibility
Character Plan a Service Project
Prioritizing Needs Assessment
Numbers Game Problem Solving Steps
Communication Project Road Map
Build / Sell Your Project