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NHSCA Performing Arts Intro

Performing Arts - Art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression

Greetings to all of you who may be fascinated with the performing arts!

As an experienced professional theatre artist, I’m pleased to welcome you to a place for understanding the many paths that lead to creating thrilling and rewarding work on stage.

Many of you may have already had experience in the world of performing arts and perhaps some of you might be stepping onto the stage for the first time. Either way, the journey is always new because the audience is always new.

Ideally, this will be a resource for teachers, students, performers and directors who seek practical and philosophical information; and, an artistic check point providing personal insight and helpful guidance toward the goal of creating a worthwhile theatre experience for all involved.


Performing arts information will be available on a weekly basis and a feature article will be posted monthly.


In addition to weekly entries and updates regarding my current writing, directing and teaching activities in the world of professional theatre, tips and advice from a wide range of topics will be offered. Features will vary and may include…

Warm-ups – Ideas for theatre games and acting exercises

Advice – Tips and guidance on physical and vocal training, directing, and playwriting

Quotes – Inspirational words of wisdom from performing arts icons and current artists



A monthly column will include a more in-depth examination of life in the world of performing arts. Interviews and commentary from professional actors, directors, writers, teachers, administrators, and technicians will be highlighted regularly as well as more focused analysis of production, rehearsal and performance at a variety of professional institutions. As in the weekly entries, other features will vary and may include…

Examination and analysis of plays or playwrights

Suggested reading and other literature relevant to monthly commentary

Scene development including improv scenarios, directing ideas, and playwriting prompts

Both weekly and monthly topics will change based not only on my work and communication with other artists, but will also adapt according to the interests of teachers and students across the country. We encourage questions through email and all subject matter will be open for discussion with the hope that we can create a dialogue as we embark on our discovery of the transformational magic of performing arts.

E. Gray Simons III

National Director for Performing Arts


Plays for audiences of all ages – A catalogue of my own original plays and adaptations will soon be available

Workshops – Classes for those interested in actor training and storytelling methods will be offered in the future.