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Sports Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid for Student Athletes


This page provides information about sports scholarships, athletic scholarships, and other forms of financial aid for student athletes.


Of schools with a NCAA affiliation, only Division I and Division II schools may offer athletic scholarships. Division III schools -- the most prestigious institutions -- are precluded from offering athletic scholarships. Schools with other affiliations, such as NAIA, offer athletic scholarships according to the policies of the associations to which they belong.


The types of scholarships that may be offered include archery scholarships, baseball scholarships, basketball scholarships, crew scholarships, cross country scholarships, fencing scholarships, field hockey scholarships, football scholarships, golf scholarships, gymnastics scholarships, hockey scholarships, lacrosse scholarships, rifle scholarships, sailing scholarships, skiing scholarships, soccer scholarships, softball scholarships, swimming scholarships, tennis scholarships, track scholarships, volleyball scholarships, and wrestling scholarships.


Athletic scholarships are generally not available for graduate study.



Gender Equity in Athletic Scholarships

Female students should be aware that federal law (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 USC 1681-1688) requires athletic scholarships to be distributed in an equitable fashion among the sexes. Consequently, a considerable amount of financial aid is available for women with athletic ability. The OPE Equity in Athletics Disclosure Website provides statistical information on men's and women's intercollegiate sports at almost 2,000 US colleges and universities, as mandated by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act.






Military Scholarships



Today’s military offers a wide range of scholarship and educational programs! Whether you are presently in school, just thinking about college or are planning on deferring your educational goals for a while, the military has something for you!






Today’s military is one of the nation’s largest providers of full time scholarship funds! These programs allow you to attend school FULL-TIME while either deferring your military commitment until graduation or by participating in a reserve or National Guard organization while in school.


Active Duty Programs: Every branch of the service offers some kind of scholarship program. These programs change often and have specific qualification requirements. Check with your recruiter for the details! By joining any branch of the military you may qualify for a wide range of educational benefits but they all have this is common:




Montgomery G. I. Bill
Through the Montgomery GI Bill, you can qualify for money for college at any two or four-year college, vocational school, or correspondence course. With Active Duty, you commit to full-time duty (usually for four years but there are also 2, 3 and 6-year programs) with one branch of the military. While serving, you can qualify for college money by contributing 0 per month for 12 months (,200 total) through payroll deduction. You are then eligible for 6 a month for 36 months for a total of ,296! (four year program) You can use this money as a part-time student while serving, or as a full-time student when your duty is completed.


Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines offer these programs at select colleges and universities throughout the country. If you qualify, the ROTC program offers a unique college experience! During the first two years you can attend ROTC classes, such as military science, and participate in training activities, all with no obligation!


During the your junior and senior years, you may receive a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP, including tuition, books, board and other expenses! This, of course, requires a commitment to serve AS AN OFFICER for a minimum of three years after graduation.


Service Specific Programs
There may be many other programs available. The Army offers a College First program and the Coast Guard has the CSPI program, for example. Check with the recruiters for full details!








Montgomery GI Bill
The RESERVE component of the 
MGIB allows you to serve in the military branch of your choice on a part-time basis (usually two weeks a year and one weekend per month for six years). During that time, you can earn up to ,180.00 in total benefits. Unlike Active Duty, the Reserve does not require you to contribute any money to your benefits. You become eligible for up to 5 a month for up to 36 months after you complete basic and technical training. Andyou can attend class full-time while you serve!


The Army and Air National Guard requires the same commitment of time (six years) as the Reserve and provides the same amount of college money (up to ,180) but may also entitle you to additional state money for college. You may even be eligible for up to full tuition some state schools!






Community College
The Community College of the Air Force, 
an accredited two-year college, offers more that 70 associate degree programs in scientific and technical fields, free of charge for Air Force enlisted personnel.




Tuition Assistance


Most branches offer a tuition assistance program in which you may be reimbursed up to 75% of any tuition you pay. This may also apply to your spouse and children!


Click Here to go to the GI Bill Website.






Presidential Scholarships


Presidential Scholarships are merit-based financial awards offered to first-time entering freshmen who are US Citizens or legal permanent residents. Dollar amounts vary based on the current year's applicant pool and budget.

Students must have the admissions application and all supporting credentials on file in the admissions office by December 1 to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship. Students will be notified of scholarship awards no later than March 1. The selection process is highly competitive due to the high number of qualified applicants and available funding. Generally, students should meet all of the following criteria in order to be competitive:

1. Graduate in the top 5 percent of their high school graduation class
2. Score better than 1300 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT
3. Possess strong academic records

All students must enroll full-time (12 hours) each semester in order to eligible for any scholarship funds.

Continuing Eligibility

A recipient must earn 30 hours per year, including all summer terms. Earned hours do not include repeat courses, AP, IB, CLEP, or Placement hours or transfer hours from a previous academic year. Recipients of all scholarships must maintain a cumulative College of Charleston GPA of 3.0 If a scholarship is renewable and the student maintains the required academic standards, the scholarship will be renewed automatically. Renewals are made in the summer of each year for the upcoming year. Students failing to meet the renewal standards will be notified in writing in early summer. Students unable to meet the renewal standards will be given the opportunity to appeal based on mitigating circumstances (e.g. serious health condition, death or serious health condition of an immediate family member, or a traumatic event). Students who wish to appeal may complete the Scholarship Appeal Form. A continuing student that has lost eligibility, or was not previously eligible, cannot regain eligibility.

General Requirements

Students can only receive scholarship funds for 4 years from their initial college enrollment. Scholarships will be terminated when the student completes the requirements for a first undergraduate degree. Scholarship funds are not available during summer school.