NHSCA Club Liability Insurance Program
$12 per participant
General Aggregate Limit - Unlimited**
Each occurrence limit - $1,000,000
Personal injury - $1,000,000
Damage to premises - $1,000,000
Sexual abuse and molestation - $1,000,000 (each occurrence)
Sexual abuse and molestation aggregate - $2,000,000
Crisis response aggregate - $25,000 (each event)

**General Aggregate can exceed $10,000,000.00
Commercial General Liability - The term participant shall include players, coaches, managers, staff members, team workers, referees, officials, scorekeepers, and all other personnel including but not limited to, media personnel permitted to enter any restricted areas which are defined as those areas restricted to general public spectators
Additional Insured - Owners and/or lessors of premises, sponsors, and co-promoters, coaches, officials, and volunteers are additional insured but only while acting within the scope of their duties for the insured
Covered Activities - Sanctioned events, office premises, insured event set up and tear down periods, concession sales, ancillary events held in conjunction with insured events and activities such as dinners, awards banquets, and planning sessions
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