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Updated: Inspireum Soccer Award Nominee's Amaze


Paige Phillip
Penncast High School (Media, PA)

Nominated By: Danielle Fagan
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When Paige Phillip saw Birmingham United on the schedule for FC Delco’s Elite Club National League team, her mind was thousands of miles away from her home in Pennsylvania. Paige's mind went back to Birmingham on  April 27th when a record-setting 173 tornados touched down and took over 300 lives and destroyed homes across the region. Paige decided to create a fundraiser for her opponents from Birmingham and with help from her teammates, she organized and directed a raffle that generated over $6,000. The money was donated to the Red Cross for the injured, homeless and dispossessed back in Alabama. When Paige and her teammates presented the gift to the surprised Birmingham United Squad they were touched by the gesture and impressed by the reach of the soccer community.   



Morgan Stanton
Bear Creek High School (Lakewood, CO)

Nominated By: Michelle Stanton, Mother
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Morgan Stanton is a very talented player in her own right. She plays tough and works hard to develop her skills, but her understanding of, and passion for soccer doesn't stop with her own game, or with her own team. It is extended to the young women in her community. Morgan has coached for the past five years, starting with a U5 girls team that is now in their U10 season. Morgan endlessly gives her time to help these young ladies develop self-esteem, strength and a positive attitude. Morgan makes it to every practice and game and also schedules one-on-one time with the girls as often as her own demanding training and academic schedule allows. Morgan is an excellent role model and mentor for the young girls both on and off the field, with her strong academic and athletic record as well as the time she volunteers with the youth and elderly in her community. 




Tori Remodelli
Point Pleasant Borough High School (Point Pleasant, NJ)

Nominated By: Pete Casalino
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Tori Remodelli is known among his friends and community for finding the good in the bad. After witnessing the death of a coach during a practice, Tori didn’t waste any time in assuring his community that their coach would be remembered. With his coach’s family in mind, Tori created a soccer league specifically for special needs kids. Working to succeed on and off the field has always been at the top of Tori’s priority list, until a soccer-related accident put everything on hold. Tori’s dreams of playing soccer in college temporally disappeared. He tore his ACL at a soccer tournament in April of this year. Since the accident, Tori has learned to walk again and is currently working with physical therapists to regain complete strength in his legs. Tori is hoping that he will get a second chance to play soccer in college next year.



Allison LaBorde
Fort Wayne Snider High School (Fort Wayne, IN)

Nominated By: Jim LaBorde
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Inspiring her team everyday to do the best they possibly can is what makes Allison LaBorde a true inspiration. Volunteering for youth soccer organizations and even giving makeovers to elderly women are just examples of how Allison gives back to her community.  Allison’s teammates constantly go to her for support on and off the field. She contributes tremendously on her team, in the classroom and within her community.



Emily Chrisman
St. Johnsville School (St. Johnsville, NY)

Nominated By: Zale Benton, Coach
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Emily Chrisman is a senior at the tiny St. Johnsville School in St. Johnsville, New York. Just down the road is Oppenheim-Ephratah School. The two schools have a combined enrollment of just 750 kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. The schools have had a trial combined athletics program for three years, in order to fully field teams that would not exist without a merger. Unfortunately, politics at each school being what they are, there has been much controversy as well as animosity between the two schools. Emily is the one thing that keeps her team together. As team captain and a valedictorian, her teammates look to her for maturity and guidance among the discord created by the adults around them. Though as a graduating senior, Emily had nothing to gain from the Oppenhiem Board of Education’s recent vote on an official merger, she had been among the most proactive and vocal supporters of the merger. She wanted to keep the team alive for those that would play after she was gone. Unfortunately, the politicking and bickering won out, leading to a “no” vote. This just stands to further emphasize the maturity and grace which makes Emily a terrific nominee.



Zach Eagle
Hammilton Southeastern High School (Fisher, IN)

Nominated By: Brian A. Eagle
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In May of 2010, Zach Eagle, standing five feet tall and tipping the scales at 100 pounds, was about to experience growth for the first time in two years. What should have been an incredible time in Zach’s life turned out to be a number of obstacles he would have to endure. In June, after suffering from what he thought was a torn hamstring, Zach found out he was actually suffering from a bone displacement. Eight weeks of rest forced Zach to resign from high school soccer. When Zach’s eight weeks were up, he immediately returned to the soccer field. Things looked bright for this outstanding player, until again, at the end of the season, he suffered from another bone displacement and had an additional eight weeks of rest. Never giving up and having a positive attitude are how Zach’s friends, family and teammates describe him. Today, he continues to play soccer and even lead his team to the U.S. Soccer State Tournament.

Becca Lidvall
D’Evelyn High School (Lakewood, CO)

Nominated By: Bethany Lidvall
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Family and soccer are the two most important things to Becca Lidvall. Having actively participated in soccer programs since the age of four, there is no doubt that soccer has been an important factor in shaping who she is today. During her junior year of high school, Becca’s dad, and biggest fan, suffered from a massive stroke. This life-changing event gave Becca an even stronger will to succeed and continue to make her dad proud. Her dedication and determination is demonstrated on and off the soccer field. During her spare time, you can find Becca helping her brothers, as well as other special needs athletes, play soccer. Her compassion for others and love for the game of soccer makes Becca Lidvall a true inspiration to all.

Gonzalo Vasquez
Crooked Oak HS
Oklahoma City, OK

Nominated By: Kit Stephenson
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At Crooked Oak High School 97% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches, parent involvement is low and the influence of the local gang scene is high. Times are hard financially and socially for the residents of “Top Town.” When Gonzalo Vasquez turned out for the football and soccer teams, his coaches had doubts about his disrespectful attitude and his ability to remain in their demanding programs. Gonzalo has developed through the programs to become Captain for both teams and now he inspires his teammates and classmates to stay in school and out of gangs. Gonzalo works 25 hours a week to support his family and buy gas to give his teammates rides to practice. Gonzalo is an officer in his school's newly formed Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wants to be a bilingual teacher and coach to help other young people commit to live courageously and be guided by character and contribution to others rather that be defined by negative influences around them.

Gaela Normile
Kellem High School (Virginia Beach, VA)

Nominated By: Matt Dacey
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As the oldest of five, Gaela Normile enjoyed a quiet, private upbringing and was incredibly close to her siblings and parents. The family spent weekends traveling to soccer tournaments and afternoons rushing between practices for her brothers and sisters. Gaela has always been positive and affectionate, carrying herself with poise on and off the field even as she carries her heartbroken family through the toughest time of their lives. In July 2010 Gaela's youngest brother, two year old Charlie, slipped into the family pool. After a six day battle for his life, Charlie passed away and left an irreplaceable void in Gaela's life. The grieving family quickly bound together and created “Team Charlie” to support other grieving families in their area. Team Charlie has already grown to thousands of members and is providing clean water to communities in Africa, supplying organ donation education and conducting toy drives for children. This fall Gaela is directing a 5k Turkey Trot to honor Charlie that is benefiting the Navy SEALs Foundation and local families who have lost family members overseas. Gaela has maintained her commitment as a pillar to her family, to her education as an honor roll student and to her team as a strong player and leader.  


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