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Welcome to the National High School Coaches Association’s Education and Resource Center (ERC). The NHSCA is proud to launch the ERC for to provide educational opportunities and resources to coaches, athletes, school administrators and parents. With a focus on the high school level, our educational tools will resonate with youth level coaches and participants.

The goal of the ERC is to provide a platform that will serve as your resource center for all education needs surrounding the contact with student-athletes. The ERC will evolve over time. We will continually add resources, helpful links, provide educational seminars and host educational classes and content that will better equip you to support your student-athletes.


NHSCA Coach Certification
The NHSCA Level I Coach Certification is now available and one of the NHSCA's benefits.  The certification is free to all current members. You will receive a confirmation email with your ERC username (your email) and password.




The certification covers general education topics across all aspects of coaching. You can complete and be assessed within a “general education” coach’s curriculum or continue on and become certified within a specific sport. The NHSCA Coach Certification covers topics including coaching administration, sports science, sports law, first aide and safety, fundamentals and techniques, and coaching ethics. By taking this coach certification, coaches will have a comprehensive, quality education and background on conducting themselves as professionals.


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