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Amateur Certification Process Frequently Asked Questions
Questions frequently asked in reference to the amateur status - quick and efficent to your the answers you want and need.


NCAA Freshman Eligibility Standard Quick Reference Guide
Snapshot of your academic needs to complete and be eligible in college your freshman year.


College Bound Student Guide
A 24 page guide designed to assist future collegiate student athletes in all the eligibility issues one will face through the college process. This guide walks through aspects such as academic requirements, amateurism status, recruiting regulations, etc. A must for future stars!


Academic Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions
The big one - the academic eligibility frequently asked questions gives you answers to the pressing questions concerning academics and your eligibility.


NCAA Eligibility Center

Check out the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Start your college experience here.  Find out about the NCAA and what it has to offer.


NCAA Coach Eligibility Education Program


NCAA Eligibility Webstie