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Dear Coach,
Your ability to work and earn an income is your greatest asset. Unfortunately by the time you read this message almost 60 Americans would have lost their income due to a disability, 90% of which are due to illness.
Did you know that 43% of all people age 40 will have a long-term disability event prior to age 65? Unfortunately most people are not aware of the many causes of disability nor their options for income replacement if one were to occur. Having adequate disability insurance is vital to the financial well-being of your family. As a member of the NHSCA, you have access to the greatest resource on the web to help you get cost effective coverage.

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The value proposition of a North Star advisor is that our advisors are unbiased in assisting you in choosing the right disability company among the many we have available. North Star Advisors do not have any "first call" obligation for their business, as can be typical in the insurance industry. There is no career affiliation with "any" disability insurance company. All North Star advisors are legally brokers and not agents of the disability insurance companies we represent. This assures you of the right choice of companies depending on your gender, age, health, profession, specialty, sub-specialty, state of residency, and the many existing institutional discounts we have available. While the use of a North Star advisor is your choice, rest assured that there is no additional cost to you for this.


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