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Matguard USA is looking for current or retired Coaches, Athletic Directors and officials who are looking to earn extra income as a part-time sales representative for our rapidly growing Sports Antibacterial Company. Openings in many States. Call on AD’s and Coaches. Earn commission for helping kids stay healthy!


MATGUARD Body Wipes, Sprays and Athletic Surface Disinfectant Cleaners: Our products are being used in over 2000 Professional, College and High School Sports programs across the USA for Football, Wrestling, Hockey, Lacrosse, etc..


 MATGUARD is a patented 70% - 75% alcohol based product developed by DuPont for killing high level bacteria in Hospitals and Medical clinics. Matguard licensed the product for the Sports Market. Our formula is non-sticky and non oily, and protects your players from germs and viruses, which includes MRSA, Impetigo, Ringworm, Hepatitis, etc.


BODY PROTECTION/SKIN DISEASE PREVENTION:  The product is available as a FDA regulated Body Wipe or Body Spray that provides superior germ killing efficacy, while moisturizing and protecting the skin. The patented formula contains 70% alcohol and a patented chemical for allowing the Alcohol to remain on the skin long enough to kill harmful bacteria while providing moisture to the skin. Our product will never dry the skin allowing the product to be used multiple times a day.



 Worldwide Innovation! The formula used in our EPA registered Athletic surface products is the same formula used in our FDA approved skin disease prevention products. Our products are safe on skin! Our wipes and sprays are the only consumer product that exceeds the FDA, CDC and EPA standards for killing the most virulent strains of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, HIV, TB.


Please feel free to contact our offices for more information at 1-877-MATWIPES, or call me directly to set up an appointment to discuss representing our product.  Check out our website atwww.matguardusa.com  at your earliest convenience.


 Please call if any questions.


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